The APEX club of Maleny is run by local personalities and business owners for the benefit of the community. The ideals of APEX for which we stand are:
• To make the ideal of service the basis of all enterprise
• To develop by example a more intelligent and aggressive citizenship
• To provide a means of forming enduring friendship, rendering altruistic service, and building better communities
•To promote international understanding and friendship
Service or Funding Applications
APEX contributes to the community by providing service and funding activities. Service involves APEX members making their skills and labour freely available for any worthwhile cause. Whilst fund raising activities allow APEX to consider financial assistance for specific purposes that benefit the broader community, APEX always prefers to deliver service first.
If you are seeking APEX service work, specific funding or wish to provide APEX with an opportunity to raise further funds for the community, please first contact APEX by letter at the address below.
For service or specific funding applications, please include the following information: who you are or who you represent, what you or your organisation does, what the service or funding is required for and how it will benefit the community.
As a rule APEX does not normally consider applications for funding from individuals. Preference is given to youth, community groups, those who are socially disadvantaged and not-for-profit organisations. APEX meets fortnightly and you should bear this in mind when making an application. If a funding application is submitted you may be required to present an outline of your proposal at an APEX meeting.
Joining APEX
If you are a local resident and think that you might wish to join APEX and support our community, please write to us at the address below. Members must be 18-45, able to attend regular evening meetings and be available to participate in service activities from time to time.
Advertising with APEX
The APEX Maleny Business Directory has been an important source of funding for the APEX Club of Maleny for over twenty years. All profits from the directory are returned to the community and for this we thank local businesses that choose to advertise with APEX. We hope that the Directory provides a valuable resource for the community and supports local businesses and tradespeople. Businesses from outside the 4552 postcode area can only advertise in this directory if they offer a service not already advertised by a local business/tradesperson. If you are considering advertising with APEX please contact us at the address below.
Community groups
APEX is reinforcing its commitment to other community groups in the Maleny area. It does this by providing space for community group listings (details and contacts), to help recognise their importance to all of us.
If your group wishes to be added to our community listing or would be interested in a larger listing in the future please contact the APEX club of Maleny with the relevant details.